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Raching MON800A Gold Burl - 600 Cigars

Raching MON800A Gold Burl - 600 Cigars

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The Raching MON800A Climate Control Gold Burl 600-Cigar Electric Humidor combines advanced climate control technology with elegant design. Featuring a Spanish cedar interior, LED lighting, and a tempered glass door, this freestanding humidor ensures optimal storage conditions for up to 600 cigars.

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Since 2004, Raching has been a leader in the high-end wine and cigar storage industry, specializing in the creation of "smart cabinets" that meticulously control the internal environment for perfect storage and aging of cigars. These state-of-the-art electronic humidors are highly sought after by cigar aficionados across the globe, from China to the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

The Raching MON800A Climate Control Gold Burl 600-Cigar Electric Humidor is equipped with a comprehensive climate control system that includes built-in humidity regulation, fan cooling, heating, and dehumidification. Achieving the ideal 70% humidity and 70°F temperature, or any preferred variation, is effortless with the user-friendly exterior LCD panel that allows precise setting and monitoring of internal conditions. This advanced smart cabinet empowers you to store your cigars with professional-level care.

An inevitable part of cigar storage is the release of ammonia odors over time. The Raching humidor addresses this with an effective ammonia removal feature, capable of eliminating up to 93.7% of these odors, ensuring a fresher storage environment.

Beyond its functional capabilities, the Raching MON800A serves as a stylish and sophisticated showcase for your cigar collection. The humidor features a Spanish cedar interior and shelves, complemented by a natural wood body with a luxurious gold finish and a tempered dark brown glass door. It can hold up to 600 cigars and offers a humidity range of 60-75% and a temperature range of 60-71°F (5°-22°C), with humidity control precision within ±1%.

This freestanding unit also boasts a water-cooled system, LED interior lighting, a premium compressor, and multiple sensors to ensure accurate temperature and humidity readings. The backlit LCD touch screen display provides clear visibility and control. Notably, the humidor operates without the need for consumable materials such as moisturizing bags or wet filters, adding to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Product dimensions are 23.6” W x 24” D x 32.3” H (600mm W x 610mm D x 820mm H), while shipping dimensions are 28.3” W x 28.3” D x 36” H (720mm W x 720mm D x 914mm H). The net weight of the unit is 110.2 lbs (50kg), with a gross weight of 132.2 lbs (60kg).

Additional Information

Name: Raching MON800A

Finish: Gold Burl

Capacity: 600 Cigars

Dimensions: 23.6” W x 24” D x 32.3” H

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