Collection: Cigar Humidors

Elevate your cigar experience with our exclusive selection of cigar humidors, the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship for the discerning aficionado. Explore our range to find the perfect humidor, from the finest antique humidors to innovative designs that blend tradition with modern elegance.

Selecting Your Ideal Humidor

In the realm of cigar aficionados, a superior humidor is not just about storage—it's a symbol of sophistication and a guardian of your cigars' quality. Our collection spans from sleek small humidors for the casual enthusiast to expansive large humidors for the seasoned collector, all designed to maintain the perfect humidity with the help of precise hygrometers. 

Whether you prefer the classic beauty of an antique humidor or the advanced technology of an electronic humidor, our selection ensures your cigars age perfectly, enhancing their flavor and aroma. Our cigar humidors not only preserve your cigars; they reflect your personal style. From modern designs that make a statement on your desk to luxury humidors crafted from Spanish cedar for the ultimate in functionality and fragrance, we cater to every taste. 

For those who value aesthetics as much as functionality, our acrylic humidors with clear panels showcase your collection, while cabinet humidors transform any space into an elegant cigar room. Each humidor we offer is a blend of beauty, precision, and quality, ensuring your cigars are stored in the optimal environment, ready to be enjoyed at their peak.

What Makes a Good Humidor?

When it comes to preserving your cigars, the quality of your humidor is paramount. A good humidor does more than store; it protects your cigars against the elements, while maintaining the ideal humidity to preserve and enhance their flavors and aromas. But what truly sets a superior humidor apart?

Firstly, the craftsmanship and materials are critical. Premium humidors are often made from Spanish cedar, renowned for its moisture retention and natural aroma that complements the aging process of cigars. Personally, I only purchase humidors with an authentic Spanish cedar lining. The construction should be solid, with a tight seal to keep external conditions at bay and ensure stable humidity levels.

Humidity control is another vital feature. A good humidor should be equipped with a reliable hygrometer for monitoring humidity and a robust humidification system to adjust the internal climate as needed. This balance is crucial not just for maintaining cigars at their best, but also for aging them to perfection.

Aesthetics also play a significant role. A humidor can be a statement piece that reflects your personal style and passion for cigars. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek, minimalist lines of a contemporary design or the rich, detailed finishes of a traditional box like me, the right humidor should resonate with your personal taste while functioning as an effective preservation system.

Types of Humidors

Humidors come in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles, each designed to meet specific storage needs and preferences. Whether you’re a casual smoker or a serious collector, there's a humidor that fits your lifestyle and your cigars. From compact units perfect for small spaces to large, ornate cabinets designed as furniture pieces, the right humidor not only preserves your cigars but also complements your personal space.

Desktop Humidors

Desktop humidors are ideal for individuals who enjoy a cigar occasionally and prefer to keep their collection within easy reach. Typically sized to hold anywhere from 25 to 100 cigars, these humidors fit comfortably on an office desk or a home study table. They often feature beautiful finishes in wood like mahogany or cherry, and come equipped with essential humidification systems to keep cigars at their optimal humidity level.

Travel Humidors

For cigar enthusiasts on the go, travel humidors are the perfect solution. These smaller, portable humidors are typically made from durable materials like leather or crush proof plastic to withstand the rigors of travel. They are compact enough to fit in luggage or even a pocket, ensuring that cigars are protected and maintained in perfect condition wherever you go. Travel humidors usually hold between 5 to 20 cigars, making them ideal for short trips.

Cabinet Humidors

Cabinet humidors are the pinnacle of cigar storage, designed for the serious collector who owns a large number of cigars. These units can resemble furniture and may come equipped with elaborate designs and expansive space, capable of storing hundreds to thousands of cigars. Cabinet humidors often feature advanced humidity and temperature control systems to maintain a large collection, making them suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Acrylic Humidors

Acrylic humidors offer a modern twist on traditional cigar storage, featuring a clear body that allows aficionados to showcase their collection while maintaining the necessary protection and humidification. These humidors are ideal for those who appreciate a contemporary look and are often found in smaller sizes, perfect for desktop use. Acrylic humidors provide all the functionality of their wooden counterparts but with a visual appeal that highlights the cigars within.

How To Use A Humidor

Using a humidor correctly is vital for preserving the quality and enhancing the longevity of your cigars. Below, I have written a straightforward guide on how to set up and maintain your humidor effectively.

Season Your Humidor

Before using your new humidor for the first time, it's important to properly season it. This process ensures that the interior wood is adequately moistened to maintain the right humidity levels. To season your humidor, gently wipe the interior with a damp cloth using distilled water—tap water can introduce minerals that might damage the wood or alter the flavor of your cigars. Place a shallow container of distilled water inside the humidor, or use a proper seasoning kit, then close the lid. Let it sit for 24 to 48 hours to allow the wood to absorb moisture adequately. After this period, check the humidity with a hygrometer to ensure it's between 68% and 72%, adjusting your humidification device as necessary to stabilize at this range.

Add Cigars

Once your humidor is seasoned, you can begin adding your cigars. Spread your cigars evenly inside the humidor without overcrowding to ensure each cigar can receive equal humidity exposure. This arrangement helps maintain consistency in their aging process and overall quality.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your humidor is critical to its effectiveness. Check the humidity level regularly with a hygrometer to ensure it remains between 68% and 72%. I always try to check mine at least once a week. Refill the humidification device with distilled water or a humidification solution whenever necessary to maintain these levels. If you notice fluctuations, check the seal of the humidor—it should close tightly without gaps. Also, avoid placing your humidor in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as these can affect internal conditions.

How Long Can Cigars Last In A Humidor?

When stored properly in a humidor, cigars can maintain their optimal condition for up to 5 years, a testament to the effectiveness of a well-maintained humidification system. The key to extending the life of your cigars lies in the consistent monitoring and adjustment of the humidor's environment. By keeping the humidity level within the ideal range of 68-72% and ensuring the temperature remains stable, cigars can age gracefully, developing a richer and more complex flavor profile over time.

Cigar Humidor FAQs

When it comes to maintaining and storing cigars, there are many questions that both newcomers and seasoned aficionados may have. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I've heard asked about humidors:

How Do I Set Up My New Humidor?

Setting up a new humidor is crucial for preparing it to store cigars. Start by calibrating your hygrometer (if it's analog) to ensure accurate humidity readings. Next, season the humidor by wiping down the interior with a damp cloth using distilled water. Never use tap water as it can introduce impurities and mold. Place a small dish of distilled water inside or use a humidification device to maintain humidity for about 24 to 48 hours until the interior maintains a stable humidity level between 68% to 72%.

What Is the Ideal Humidity for a Humidor?

The ideal humidity level for a humidor is typically between 68% and 72%. This range helps ensure that cigars are neither too dry nor too moist, which can affect their burn and flavor. Maintaining this humidity level is critical for preserving the quality and longevity of your cigars.

How Often Should I Check My Humidor?

It's good practice to check your humidor's humidity and temperature levels at least once a week. Frequent checks are especially important in climates that experience large seasonal changes in humidity and temperature. Regular monitoring will help you make necessary adjustments to the humidor's environment, ensuring your cigars remain in optimal condition.

Can I Store Different Types of Cigars Together?

Yes, you can store different types of cigars together in the same humidor without worrying about flavor cross-contamination. However, keep in mind that cigars can absorb moisture from each other, so it's important to ensure they are all kept at proper humidity levels to maintain their individual qualities.

How Do I Know If My Humidor Is Working Properly?

A properly working humidor will maintain a consistent humidity level that falls within the ideal range of 68% to 72%. If you notice fluctuations outside of this range or if your cigars begin to exhibit signs of improper storage such as drying out or becoming too moist, check the seal and the humidification system of your humidor. It might be necessary to re-season the humidor or replace the humidification device.

What Should I Do If My Humidor's Humidity Level Is Too High?

If the humidity in your humidor is consistently above 72%, it's important to address it quickly to prevent mold growth and cigar swelling. First, check if the humidifier is overcharged and adjust it accordingly. You can also leave the humidor open for a short period to let some of the excess moisture out. Additionally, placing a small packet of silica gel inside can help absorb some of the moisture. Be sure to monitor the humidity regularly and make incremental adjustments to stabilize it within the ideal range.

What Should I Do If My Humidor's Humidity Level Is Too Low?

If the humidity level in your humidor falls below the ideal range of 68% to 72%, it's essential to act promptly to prevent your cigars from drying out. First, check to make sure your humidifier is properly filled and functioning. If it's dry, refill it with distilled water or a propylene glycol solution, which is often recommended for optimal performance. Additionally, ensure that the humidor is not located in an overly dry area or near heat sources that can cause the humidity to drop.