Collection: Travel Humidors

Explore the world with our premium selection of travel humidors, the ideal companion for an aficionado on the go. Our travel humidors combine portability with uncompromised quality, ensuring your cigars are perfectly preserved wherever your journey takes you.

Benefits Of Travel Humidors

For the discerning cigar enthusiast who demands excellence even while traveling, our travel humidors offer the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. These portable humidors are designed not only to protect and preserve your cigars across climates and conditions but also to do so with unparalleled style. Whether you're drawn to the sleek durability of an aluminum case, the classic elegance of a leather box, or the modern sophistication of a high-end luxury cigar case, our humidor collection has been curated to meet your needs.

Our premium travel humidors are equipped with essential features like waterproof exteriors, robust humidifiers, and secure closures, ensuring your cigars remain in optimal condition. For aficionados who appreciate convenience and functionality, models come with integrated space for cutters and lighters, making them a comprehensive solution for enjoying your cigars anywhere. Capacities vary, with options designed to accommodate everything from a single evening’s selection in a 10 cigar case to a more extensive collection in our large travel humidors.

What Makes A Good Travel Humidor?

Travel humidors are essential for cigar aficionados on the move, ensuring that cigars are well-protected and maintained in perfect condition regardless of where your travels take you. When selecting a travel humidor, there are several critical features to consider that contribute to its functionality and durability.

Robust Construction

A good travel humidor must be built to withstand the rigors of travel. Robust construction is key, as the humidor will frequently be moved around, packed, and potentially subjected to rough handling. Materials such as strong plastics, metals, or reinforced fabrics are commonly used to provide a sturdy exterior that protects against physical impact and environmental changes.

Proper Seal

The seal of a travel humidor is crucial to maintaining the internal environment needed to preserve the quality of your cigars. A good travel humidor should have an airtight seal that keeps the internal humidity consistent and prevents any external air or moisture from entering. This is essential to avoid drying out or overly humidifying the cigars, which can drastically affect their flavor and burn.

Portable Design

Travel humidors should be conveniently designed for easy transportation. This means they should be lightweight yet durable, with a compact size that makes them easy to pack in luggage, carry in a bag, or even place in a car’s glove compartment. Many travel humidors come with features like secure clasps, handles, and straps for better mobility and comfort.

Adjustable Humidity Control

While not all travel humidors will have advanced humidity control systems due to their compact size, the best ones still provide some form of effective humidity management. This might include humidifier gels, foam, or small Boveda packs that maintain the required humidity levels without needing frequent adjustments.

How Many Cigars Will These Hold?

Our travel humidors are designed to accommodate the needs of every cigar enthusiast on the move, with capacities ranging from 5 to 40 cigars depending on the model chosen. Whether you're planning a short weekend getaway or an extended journey, these portable humidors offer a variety of sizes to ensure your cigars are well-protected and maintained in perfect condition. Each model is crafted to provide optimal storage space within a compact, travel-friendly design, allowing you to easily decide on the best travel humidor to suit the length of your trip and the size of your collection.

Additional Factors To Consider

When selecting the perfect travel humidor for your needs, it’s crucial to consider several key aspects, ensuring you find the right balance between functionality and style. Capacity is a primary consideration; our models range from holding 5 to 40 cigars, allowing you to choose based on the length of your travels and the size of your collection. The interior lining is another crucial factor—while some of our humidors boast Spanish cedar linings for traditional humidity control and aromatic enhancement, others offer crush-proof plastic and foam interiors for maximum protection during rugged travel.

For those who value convenience and efficiency, we suggest you browse models that come as an all-in-one set, equipped with a lighter, cutter, and designated storage for these accessories, providing everything you need in one compact package. This feature is especially appealing if you prefer having your cigar accessories neatly organized and readily accessible alongside your cigars.

Aesthetics also play a significant role in your decision. For the aficionado with a penchant for elegance, our leather-bound travel humidors offer a sophisticated option, seamlessly blending with high-end luggage and accessories. Conversely, our Cigar Safe line features thick, crush-proof plastic cases lined with foam, designed for durability and practicality, ideal for outdoor adventures or rugged use in a more casual setting.