Collection: Humidor Accessories

Explore our extensive range of humidor accessories to keep your cigar humidor in perfect condition. From essential humidifiers to precise hygrometers, we have everything you need to maintain and upgrade your humidor.

What Humidor Accessories Do I Need?

To maintain your cigars in optimal condition, several humidor accessories are essential. A high-quality humidifier is crucial for regulating the moisture levels within your humidor, while a reliable hygrometer ensures accurate humidity readings. Boveda packs are also an excellent addition for maintaining consistent humidity. Additionally, having spare parts on hand, such as replacement hygrometers or humidifiers, can be beneficial for keeping your humidor in perfect working order. These accessories help you manage and upgrade your humidor to meet your specific needs.

Are Spare Parts Covered in Your Warranty?

If you're here because something in your humidor broke, it's important to check our warranty policy to understand your coverage. Many of our humidors come with at least a one-year warranty. If the product is still within the warranty period, we will replace either the broken part or the entire humidor. The spare parts and humidor accessories section is designed to supplement and upgrade your humidor, ensuring it operates efficiently. For warranty claims, please contact us directly, and we'll assist you with the necessary replacements.

What Are Ways to Automate My Humidor?

Automating your humidor can significantly enhance the ease and effectiveness of maintaining the perfect environment for your cigars. Many of our cabinet humidors come with built-in humidification systems, but for those that do not, this section offers a range of solutions. Electric humidifiers are an excellent choice for larger humidors, providing consistent and automated humidity control. For smaller, desktop humidors, Boveda packs can be incredibly helpful in maintaining the right humidity levels effortlessly. These accessories ensure that your humidor remains at the ideal conditions with minimal manual intervention.