Collection: Hygrometers

Upgrade your cigar storage with our premium selection of humidor hygrometers. Whether you're enhancing an existing humidor or setting up a new tupperdor, our collection includes both analog and digital hygrometers to ensure accurate humidity control. Discover the perfect hygrometer for your humidor and maintain optimal conditions for your cigars.

Why Are Hygrometers Essential?

A hygrometer is a crucial tool for any cigar enthusiast. It accurately monitors the relative humidity inside your humidor, ensuring that your cigars are stored in the ideal environment. Proper humidity control is essential to maintain the flavor, aroma, and longevity of your cigars. Without a reliable hygrometer, you risk your cigars becoming too dry or too moist, which can ruin their quality. Using a cigar hygrometer, you can consistently keep an eye on the humidity levels, making adjustments as needed to maintain perfect conditions.

Analog vs. Digital Hygrometers

When choosing a hygrometer for your humidor, you have the option between analog and digital models. Analog hygrometers, often traditional in design, provide a classic look and are relatively simple to use. They are usually very durable but may require manual calibration to ensure accuracy. On the other hand, digital hygrometers offer more precise readings and often include additional features such as temperature monitoring. Some digital models even come with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to monitor the conditions inside your humidor remotely. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so the choice largely depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Which Hygrometer Is Best for You?

Selecting the right hygrometer depends on what you value most in a humidity monitoring device. For those who appreciate a vintage aesthetic and simplicity, an analog hygrometer could be the perfect choice. If accuracy and convenience are your priorities, a digital hygrometer might be better suited to your needs. Digital hygrometers with Bluetooth functionality are ideal for those who want to monitor multiple locations within their humidor setup without needing to open the humidor. These advanced models allow for continuous monitoring, ensuring that your cigars remain in optimal condition. Consider your specific requirements and the features that matter most to you when choosing the best hygrometer for your humidor.