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Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packs (84%)

Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packs (84%)

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Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packs provide hassle-free maintenance for your humidor, ensuring optimal humidity levels with no need for distilled water or constant monitoring. Available in 84% RH, these 60g packs come in a 12-count package, offering clean and purified humidity for your cigars.

*Please note, this strength is only to be used for seasoning a humidor, not for maintaining cigars

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Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packs are the ultimate solution for maintaining perfect humidity in your humidor without any hassle. Unlike refillable humidifiers that require constant attention, Boveda packs eliminate the need for monitoring and refilling with distilled water. Simply place the appropriate number of packs in your humidor, and enjoy worry-free humidity control for several months.

These packs emit purified humidity through a reverse-osmosis membrane, ensuring the cleanest and most consistent moisture for your cigars. Boveda packs are available in various RH levels to suit your preferences and the seal quality of your humidor. The 84% RH, 60g packs, in a 12-count package, are perfect for maintaining the ideal environment.

Each pack lasts 2-4 months in a seasoned humidor and has a shelf life of 2 years. Once expired, Boveda packs turn into a solid wafer, indicating it's time for a replacement. They can be mounted in holders or placed directly on cigars or wood, making them versatile and easy to use.

This strength of Boveda pack is only to be used for seasoning your humidor, not for maintaining cigars. You're going to want to choose either our 69% or 72% RH packs for humidor humidity control.

Additional Information

Name: Xikar/Boveda Two-Way-Humidity Control Packs

Relative Humidity Level: 84%

Weight Per Pack: 60g

Count: 12 Packs

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