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Green Cigars? All About Candela Wrappers

Candela cigars, also known as double claro or green cigars, have a distinct place in the world of premium tobacco. Known for their vibrant green color and unique flavor profile, these cigars are a delightful divergence from the more common brown-wrapped varieties.

What is a Green Cigar?

A green cigar, or Candela cigar, is a type of cigar wrapped in a Candela wrapper. The green hue is a result of a unique curing process that locks in the tobacco's natural chlorophyll, giving the wrapper its distinctive color.

The vibrant appearance of Candela cigars makes them easily recognizable. Historically, they were extremely popular in the mid-20th century, especially in the American market. Their mild flavor and unique aesthetics have contributed to a niche but dedicated fanbase in the modern era. Collectors and connoisseurs appreciate the Candela cigar for its distinct place in cigar history and its refreshing departure from more conventional cigars.

How are Candela Wrappers Made?

Candela wrappers are made by harvesting the tobacco leaves before they fully mature and then rapidly drying them at high temperatures. This process, known as flash curing, preserves the green color and the chlorophyll content in the leaf.

The production of Candela wrappers involves a meticulous balance of timing and temperature. Farmers must harvest the leaves at just the right moment to ensure they capture the plant's full chlorophyll content. The quick drying process not only locks in the green color but also contributes to the distinct flavor profile that sets Candela cigars apart. This method has its roots in traditional agricultural practices but has been refined over the decades to meet modern standards of quality and consistency.

What Does a Candela Wrapper Taste Like?

Candela wrappers offer a mild and distinct flavor profile with notes of fresh grass, green tea, and a hint of sweetness. The taste is smoother and less intense compared to other wrapper types, making Candela cigars a great choice for those who prefer milder cigars.

In addition to their primary flavors, Candela cigars can also exhibit subtle nuances depending on the filler and binder tobaccos used. Some smokers report tasting hints of honey, pine, and a creamy undertone that enhances the overall smoking experience. This unique flavor palette makes Candela cigars particularly appealing for those who enjoy a lighter, more aromatic smoke. Pairing these cigars with a mild beverage, such as green tea or a light beer, can further enhance the tasting experience.

The History and Appeal of Candela Cigars

Candela cigars were immensely popular in the United States during the 1950s and 60s, accounting for a significant portion of cigar sales. Their popularity has waned somewhat, but they still enjoy a dedicated following among enthusiasts who appreciate their unique characteristics.

The historical significance of Candela cigars cannot be overstated. They represent a period in cigar history where innovation and demand converged to create a product that stood out in a crowded market. Today, Candela cigars are often seen as a tribute to this golden era. Collectors and long-time smokers value these cigars not only for their distinct taste but also for their role in the evolution of cigar production and culture. The resurgence in interest for retro and vintage items has also helped keep the legacy of Candela cigars alive.

Why Choose Candela Cigars?

  1. Mild Flavor: Ideal for those who prefer a lighter smoking experience.
  2. Unique Appearance: The bright green wrapper stands out in any cigar collection.
  3. Historical Significance: Enjoy a piece of cigar history with every puff.

Candela cigars offer more than just a unique flavor; they provide an experience that is both nostalgic and novel. For new smokers, they offer an accessible entry point into the world of premium cigars. For seasoned aficionados, they present an opportunity to revisit a classic. The mildness of Candela cigars makes them perfect for daytime smoking or as an accompaniment to light meals and beverages. Their visual appeal also makes them a great conversation starter at gatherings and social events.

Popular Candela Cigars to Try

  • Don Lino Casa Verde: Features a mild profile with notes of fresh tea, pine needles, and honey.
  • Argyle Candela: Known for its smooth, creamy texture with flavors of cedar, honey, and grass.
  • Rocky Patel The Edge Candela: Offers tasting notes of green tea, hay, and blonde roast coffee beans.

Exploring different brands and blends of Candela cigars can be an exciting journey for any cigar enthusiast. Each brand brings its unique touch to the Candela wrapper, offering variations in flavor, strength, and overall smoking experience. Don Lino Casa Verde, for example, is celebrated for its complex yet mild profile, making it a favorite among many. Argyle Candela is praised for its consistency and creamy finish, while Rocky Patel's The Edge Candela is known for its balanced medium strength and nuanced flavor notes. Trying a variety of these cigars can provide a deeper appreciation for the artistry involved in crafting Candela-wrapped cigars.


Candela cigars are a fascinating and flavorful choice for any cigar aficionado. Their unique green wrapper and mild, grassy taste make them a refreshing alternative to traditional cigars. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the world of cigars, exploring the world of Candela cigars can be a delightful journey.

Candela cigars represent a blend of tradition and uniqueness in the cigar world. Their distinct characteristics offer a pleasant divergence from more conventional cigar experiences. For those seeking to expand their palate or simply indulge in a piece of cigar history, Candela cigars are an excellent choice. As you explore these green wonders, you'll discover the depth and diversity that make them a cherished part of the cigar community.

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