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What Is The Best Humidity For Cigars?

Cigar enthusiasts know that the essence of a great smoking experience lies not just in the choice of cigar but in its preservation. The key to this preservation is maintaining the perfect humidity and temperature for cigars, a crucial aspect that can make or break the quality and flavor of your prized collection. This guide delves deep into understanding the ideal humidor humidity and how to achieve and maintain it, ensuring your cigars remain in their best condition for that perfect draw.

Understanding Cigar Humidity

At the heart of every lush, well-preserved cigar is the right balance of humidity. Ideal cigar humidity plays a pivotal role in maintaining the cigar's integrity, aroma, and taste. Without proper cigar storage humidity, cigars can either become too dry and brittle, leading to a harsh and unpleasant smoking experience, or too moist, which can cause them to become moldy and unsmokable.

The Ideal Humidity Levels

The consensus among aficionados is that the best humidity for cigars ranges between 65% to 72%. This range is considered the perfect humidity for cigars, providing an environment that keeps cigars just moist enough to preserve their quality without risking mold growth. The precise ideal humidor humidity level within this range often depends on personal preference, the type of cigars stored, and the conditions of the surrounding environment.

Understanding and maintaining the best cigar humidity ensures that the essential oils within the tobacco, which contribute to the cigar's flavor and aroma, remain intact. At the correct cigar humidity level, the tobacco leaves in cigars stay supple and burn evenly, allowing for a smoother, more enjoyable smoke.

Achieving and sustaining the ideal humidor humidity isn't just about setting it and forgetting it. It involves regular monitoring and adjustments to account for changes in external conditions or the humidor itself. This continuous care underscores the importance of not only knowing the best humidity level for cigars but also how to adjust the humidity levels to meet these ideal conditions.

In the sections that follow, we'll explore practical steps on how to lower humidity in humidor setups that are too moist and how to raise humidity in humidor environments that are too dry, ensuring your cigars are stored in the perfect conditions they deserve.

Achieving Ideal Humidor Conditions

Ensuring your humidor maintains the ideal cigar humidity is not merely a matter of setting it up once and expecting it to remain constant. Fluctuations in external temperature and humidity, the quality of the humidor's seal, and the number of cigars stored are just a few factors that can impact humidor humidity. Here’s how to ensure your humidor provides the perfect environment for your cigars, even after the seasoning process.

How to Lower Humidity in Humidor

An overly humid environment can be detrimental to your cigars, leading to issues like mold growth and a musty odor, both of which can ruin your collection. If you find the humidity in your humidor creeping above the ideal humidor humidity range, here are steps to bring it back down:

  1. Check the Hygrometer: First, ensure your hygrometer is accurately calibrated. An inaccurate reading can lead you to adjust humidity levels unnecessarily.
  2. Open the Humidor: Briefly opening the humidor several times a day can help release some of the excess moisture.
  3. Use Silica Gel: Placing a small packet of silica gel inside the humidor can help absorb excess moisture. Ensure it’s designed for humidors to avoid over-drying.
  4. Adjust the Humidification Source: If you're using a humidification device, consider using less distilled water or a lower percentage of propylene glycol solution.

How to Raise Humidity in Humidor

Conversely, if the cigar humidity level falls below the ideal range, your cigars risk becoming dry and brittle, affecting their burn and flavor profile. To increase humidity:

  1. Re-Evaluate Humidification Device: Ensure it's adequately filled with distilled water or a propylene glycol solution. For passive humidification systems, consider upgrading to a more efficient device.
  2. Add a Sponge: A small, clean sponge lightly dampened (not wet) with distilled water can add moisture to the air inside the humidor. Place it on a plastic bag or dish to prevent direct contact with the wood.
  3. Season the Humidor: If the dryness persists, re-seasoning your humidor can help restore the wood's moisture retention capabilities.

Maintaining Consistent Humidity Levels

Achieving the best humidity level for cigars is an ongoing process that requires regular attention and adjustments:

  • Regular Checks: Use a reliable hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels at least once a week. Digital hygrometers often offer more accuracy and ease of use than analog models.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Be prepared to make more frequent adjustments during seasonal changes, especially in regions with significant humidity variation throughout the year.
  • Maintain the Seal: Ensure the humidor’s seal is intact. A poor seal is a common cause of fluctuating humidity levels.

Troubleshooting Common Humidity Issues

Even with careful monitoring, you may encounter issues in maintaining the ideal humidor humidity. Here are quick solutions:

  • Inconsistent Humidity: Check the seal of your humidor for leaks and ensure your humidification device is functioning correctly.
  • Over-Humidification: Reduce the number of humidification sources, and consider using a two-way humidity control solution like Boveda packs that can add or absorb moisture as needed.


Maintaining the perfect humidity for cigars is critical for any cigar aficionado wishing to preserve the quality and flavor of their collection. Understanding how to lower humidity in humidor setups and how to raise humidity in humidor environments are essential skills that every cigar enthusiast should possess. With regular care and attention to the details outlined in this guide, your humidor will become the perfect sanctuary for your cigars, ensuring each one is as enjoyable as the last.

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